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My name is Damjana Vahen Etlicher, illustrator and designer behind Loddelina.

Originally from Slovenia, I am living in France with my husband, two kids and a dog. I have a background in textile and fashion design and have spent almost 20 years designing and making handbags and other accessories under the name Loddelina. I also had some of my early illustrations published in the children's magazines Cicido and Ciciban in Slovenia back the early 2000s. Drawing has always been my biggest passion so as my sewing creations gradually became more and more about the free style embroidery and applique, basically drawing with thread, it was time to take a leap into full time illustration!

My favourite mediums, besides digital illustration, are watercolour, gouache and ink; I like to get lost in the tiny details, create playful characters and combine lush colours with interesting textures.


Life in my tiny town in the French Jura Mountains might not be very glamorous but what it lacks in social occasions it makes up for in the beauty of high altitude landscape. I am constantly inspired by nature and like to bring home pretty pebbles or interesting twigs and leaves from my dog walks to draw, craft with or simply admire.

My work so far includes illustrations for greeting cards, gift market, bolt fabric and children's books and I am constantly learning and expanding. I love my job!

Loddelina "handbags and more",

created between 2010 and 2020.

loddelina handbags and more

The adventure continues...

Custom made plushies, little stuffed toys

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